Best Certified Translation for Your Farsi Documents

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Certified Translations for Farsi Documents

Individuals who want to use their Farsi documents for US immigration application or other legal purposes in the United States often need to seek certified translation services. We provide professional translations for Farsi-language documents. We have translated and certified many documents issued in Iran and Afghanistan. We specialize in certified translations for legal, medical, personal, and technical documents.

Best Farsi Translators for Certified Translations

We aim to deliver top Farsi translations. Our Farsi translators who have mastered the art and science of translation can effectively translate your documents from Farsi to English. They are articulate and dedicated to capturing the exact meaning of the original text in their translations. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for the best Farsi to English translations. We also provide English to Farsi translations.

Translating Iranian Birth Certificates for USCIS

We have translated many birth certificates from Iran and Afghanistan. Our translators have experience translating official documents issued before after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. If you would like us to translate your Iranian birth certificate for USCIS, please scan all the images and send them to us. You can rely on the expertise of our team for the translation of your Persian documents.

Certified Translation of Iranian National ID Cards

National ID cards issued in Iran are similar to the birth certificate and carry some additional information such as the card holder’s national identification number. They also have spaces for election stamps and the information of the card holders’ spouse/children. We can translate your national ID cards from Farsi to English for USCIS or other governmental and private uses.

Translation of Land Registry Certificate from Iran

Land registry certificates are complex legal documents that provide the description of the land in question as well as the information of the owner. Such documents often contain the registration number of the property and its value at the time of registration. Farsi land registry certificates carry the official emblem of Iran, the rights of the property owner, and the information of the office in which the property was registered. If you want to get a deed or land registry certificate translated from a foreign language to English, please get in touch with us. We have rich experience in the translation of documents related to real estate law.

Translation of Persian Text Messages and Emails for Courts

Text messages and emails are often presented in courts by plaintiffs and defendants. Messages that are in a language other than English can still be used in courts if they are accompanied by their certified translations. We have translated many emails and text messages that parties exchanged in a foreign language such as Farsi. If you intend to use such messages in a court in the United States, please contact us about our certified translation services.

Translation & Transcription of Farsi Audio/Video Recordings

Entertainment companies and law offices often need to have audio and video recordings transcribed and translated. We can translate and transcribe commercials, movies, documentaries, voicemails, interviews, tutorials, etc. Please send us the material that you need translated and/or transcribed. Timecoding is available for an additional fee.

Top Farsi Translation & Interpretation by Persian Translation Center

Persian Translation Center selects the best translators to handle its Farsi translation, transcription, transliteration, and interpretation needs. We encourage you to contact us about your Persian-language projects. We are confident that you will be impressed by the quality of our work and quick turnaround times.