Certified Translation of Persian Vital Records

Offices of vital records and statistics in every country register all births, marriages, divorces, and deaths. Such records are usually used for judicial or statistical purposes. Individuals who are getting married abroad or intend to attend a school in a foreign country typically need to translate their birth certificates. Likewise, individuals who are completing an application for a passport might need to have a birth or marriage certificate translated. We provide excellent translation services for vital records. We can translate vital records from Persian to English and from English to Persian.

Translation of marriage certificates from Farsi to English
A typical marriage certificate in Iran is issued in a form of a small booklet with many pages. It contains important information such as the name of the couple, the place of marriage registration, the terms of the marriage, and the names of the witnesses. You might need to get a certified translation for your Iranian marriage certificate if you are completing an application for USCIS or if the social security office in the United States has asked for the document as proof of marital status.

Our experience with the translation of marriage certificates
We have extensive experience in the translation of marriage licenses from Iran and Afghanistan. We can translate your Persian language marriage certificate into English for many purposes. We have translated the little booklet as well as the one-page marriage license foreign affairs of some countries issue for marriages that occur abroad. We have experience translating marriage licenses that were issued before the Islamic Revolution as well as after the revolution.

Translation of vital records for court use
We can translate your vital records including birth certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees from Farsi to English for court use. Please let us know if you are planning to present the documents to a court so we can attach the proper paperwork. We have translated many vital records for probate and family courts. We would be happy to assist you too.

Translating vital records from scratch vs checking an existing translation
If you already have a translation of your documents and need a professional translator to review it for accuracy or you need a certification for legal use, please get in touch with us. We will be sure to provide our best quote for the service. Please keep in mind that if the quality of the translation is nowhere near our standards we will have to start over.

Professional translation of Persian divorce certificates
A divorce certificate that has been issued in Iran typically contains the registration number of the certificate, the date of the divorce registration, and the personal information of the divorcer/divorcee. Our legal translators have rich knowledge and experience in the translation of divorce certificates and decrees from Farsi to English. We can also translate your English language divorce papers to Persian.

Certified vs non-certified translation for Farsi documents
We can provide a non-certified translation of your vital records. A non-certified translation is an unofficial translation that will be emailed back to you. It does not bear our official stamp or seal. A non-certified translation can be used for unofficial purposes. For example, if you just want to have a copy of a translation for your personal use you can get a non-certified translation. On the other hand, a certified translation bears our official stamp and seal. It is also attached to our signed certification. For official uses, you usually need to have a certified translation.

Translation of Persian death certificates
We have translated many death certificates from Farsi to English. Please get in touch with us if you intend to submit an Iranian death certificate to the county recorder’s office. We can also translate your death certificates for courts. Our translators who have advanced knowledge of the content of vital records are ready to assist you.

I’m ready. How do I proceed?
If you are ready to get a quote or place an order, please email us your documents. We will get back to you as soon as we can.